Keep Johns Hopkins From Policing Our Streets


Imagine: Armed POLICE working for a private corporation who can arrest, stop & frisk, shoot to kill patrolling your block. They answer only to their employer, but you have to obey them.


It is about to happen in Baltimore...

The Maryland General Assembly ignored overwhelming public opposition and gave Johns Hopkins University the right to a private armed police force with full police powers over public streets in neighboring communities. 


...and your community may be next

Johns Hopkins operates statewide at 47 locations…and counting. Worse still, this dangerous law opens the door to privatized policing by any corporation that asks for it. Who's next? Amazon? Walmart? 


Sign the petition for a referendum vote!

Fortunately, we live in a democracy where The People get the final say. We can stop private, unaccountable police from taking over our streets – but only if we get enough signatures to put a referendum on the ballot in Nov. 2020.  

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